‘The brilliant young Exeter musician . . . with splendid flair . . .versatile Peter Adcock is a young man to watch . . .with dramatic playing . . . he gave a splendid performance . . .. . . combining poetry and passion in equal measures . . .it was a concert to be remembered forever . . .it was so beautiful I could have cried . . .’.

‘His knowledge and understanding of music is discerningly broad and he brings to both his performances and to his writingan informed perception and balanced musical judgement . . .with spectacular success.’

‘Peter is an excellent musician and a fine pianist with boththe intellect and the intelligence to enable him to interpretwith real understanding the music he performs;this understanding he communicates to the other musicianswith whom he works and to his audiences . . .Peter is also very astute with his choice of music when putting together a programmeand his concerts are always interesting and accessible to the audiences.’

‘. . . with plenty of ideas and a capacity for expressing themin an imaginative and compelling way . . .with a gift for performing works . . .with a clear appreciation of their nature and form . . .with a talent for communication both at the keyboard and on paper . . .he is an excellent pianist . . . with talent and enthusiasm to match.’

‘. . . a splendid occasion . . . Peter Adcock brought the best out of the audience . . .the audience was treated to an engaging mix of well-chosen music . . .Peter Adcock accompanied at the piano with his usual sensitivity . . .and he made a really good impression.’

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